Friday, March 5, 2010

si orange!

hahaa,, that's another nickname of mine! given by wan. ;D
since i'm a librarian this year, so he keep calling me OREN. =,=" LOL!

hey! Faheem loves oranges too! ;P
HAHA, every time i ate either limau mandarin or sunkist oranges, i MUST share it with faheem.
or else he would cried so hard. haha.
actually he loves anything that i ate i guess. ;)
my sister told me that Faheem refused to ate the bananas that she gave to Faheem.
 she had gave it a lots of time but Faheem hate it!
he would vomit everything inside once the banana entered his mouth. huhu.
but i don't know why when i ate bananas this evening in front of him, suddenly he was eager to have it too!
HAHAA. seems like Cik Tin could replace MARIA TUNKU SABRI in the show JALANJALANCARIMAKAN coz anything i eat would look delicious. ;D

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