Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2010

25th March 2010.
ohh, i went to the book fair, venue; pwtc. first i bumped into my junior. i forgot her name but i noticed and remember her coz she used to be my competitor in scrabble game last year during language month. then i bumped into kak aisyi! siap salam cium tngn lagii! ;P OMG! i stuck in the karangkraf hall quite a long time. my sis bought quite a number of magazines especially i only got an addmaths exercise book plus a biography book about Nik Nur Madiha. hehe, mama sponsored my books. ;P the big font, and there were a few dialogues and photos are the reasons why i think the book seems not gonna makes me ZzzzZZzz~ sleep! hehee~;D oh ya! i also got a couple of mini body parts & nursery rhymes books for my little faheem! ;) afterwards we went to Gempak Starz's booth. but what disappoint me was that Le.Gardenie the final four comic was SOLD OUT dude! i still didn't read it. ;( i really love Ben's artworks. i've been collecting almost every comics of his; le gardenie 1, le gardenie foolish fruits, ngan le gardenie party of three, naive and innocent. i can't even bought their recycle bag coz it's already sold out. so i end up buying Kaoru's Cake House. then we went back home. reached home at 8.30pm,, means that i didn't go for addmaths tuition with Anas's mum tonight,, hmm, it's been 3 times i didn't go for tuition. ish3! rugi2,, =,="  huhu sampai je rumah terus google "the final four". frust punye pasal! haha. then i found a forum,, they told that the final four wasn't fully drawn by Ben. only the first two chapters drawn by Ben,, then continued by other cartoonist, by Juice maybe? many of them wasn't really satisfied with it coz the drawing is not that cute like Ben's artworks. plus the storyline isn't that great while the backgrounds are just copy pasted from the older background by Ben. hmm, Ben couldn't continue his artwork for Le Gardenie coz he has resigned from the Gempak Starz company. haisshh~ anyhow i'm still not satisfied for not knowing the ending of the series. sesape ade final four sila inform! saya mahu pinjam! ;)

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