Friday, November 20, 2009

let's start over.

salam. today is such a dull day.
i just don't have any idea what to do right now, so i decided to start a new leaf by posting a new blog.
huhu~ blogging isn't a new thing to me actually. i used to blogging back in 2006 when i was in Form 1 until middle of 2008,, then i've stopped blogging. focussed on PMR maybe. wekk! ;P
after PMR, i continued with photo blogging through fotopages. but then, i was getting bored again,, so i turned off again! HAHA,, it's funny when i re-read all my old post back in those years. i was using so many weird nick names such as ted elien, nenek mude , grand-mere, datin duriani, fatin heyy-bud, fatin bee-jug, fatin surhinocerus, haishh. pelik2 je. =.="
haaa,, and now..
i'm starting to blogging again using blogspot instead. :)

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